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 Fire Safes & Vaults

Having a safe in the home is the last line of protection for your valuables if intruders find a way past your locks, and your alarm fails to discourage them. Even a quality home fire safe will stop the common home burglar if properly installed. In addition, knowing that your important papers and valuables are safe from damage by fire or beihg scattered by flood makes the investment worthwhile.

Piner's is your best choice for safes for the home or business. Lines include Gardall, AMSEC, Champion, Cobalt and Permavault. Whether you need fire protection, home security or high security, we can meet your need.

Gardall 1 Hour Fire Safe
Gardall 1 Hour Fire Safe

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Gardall 1411-2  Fire Safe
Gardall 1411-2 Fire Safe


It is important to select the proper safe for the use intended, so a professional security expert is a must during the selection process. When planning the purchase of a safe, there are a number of important questions you must answer to assure you are getting the safe you need. Answering the questions below will help in this process.

Consider the following points when considering a safe purchase:

* What am I going to use the safe for?

* Where is the safe going to be located?

* How much am I willing to spend?

* Who will be using the safe?

* What features should I be looking for?

* What do the safe ratings mean?

* How am I going to get the safe installed?

* Who should I call if I cannot get my safe opeded?

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