How to buy a safe

Having a safe in the home is the last line of protection for your valuables if intruders find a way past your locks, and your alarm fails to discourage them. Even a quality home fire safe will stop the common home burglar if properly installed. In addition, knowing that your important papers and valuables are safe from damage by fire or beihg scattered by flood makes the investment worthwhile.

How to buy a safe

When planning the purchase of a safe, there are a number of important questions you must answer to assure you are getting the safe you need.

Q) What am I going to use the safe for? A) High dollar valuables and jewelery will require a higher level of security

Q) Where is the safe going to be located? A)The safe you purchase must fit into your living space without crowding you out,

Q) How much am I willing to spend? A) Home fire safes will have a lower price tag, but may not provide the level of protection you require.

Q) Who will be using the safe? A) Be sure you consider all who will use the safe and what they plan to secure in it.

Q) What features should I be looking for? A) A variety of interior configurations and lock types allow for choices.

Q) What do the safe ratings mean? A) Fire safes have a certain resistance to heat intrusion during a fire. Burglary ratings consider how much resistance to forced entry the safe will stand.

Q) How am I going to get the safe installed? A) Be sure you have this question answered prior to giving money to anyone for a safe. Safe moving can be a highly technical and expensive undertaking.

Q) Who should I call if I cannot get my safe opeded? A) Remember that following any attempted burglary the safe may be rendered locked up and a properly trained expert will be required to open and repait it. Many locksmiths sell, open and repair safes.

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